Where are you procrastinating?

How would life look different for you if procrastination didn’t exist in your world? Seriously, imagine for a moment that you decided to take immediate action toward those goals that were most important to you over the years. Would you look different physically? Would your relationships look different? Would your business look different? Would your bank account reflect a different balance?
How many things are sitting and simmering on the back burner of your life right now?
You have something that you want to accomplish. Something that would actually mean a lot to you, but what or who is in your way? There is a story that you tell yourself about this goal of yours. A story about why you are putting off the work. Your story is so good that you buy into your story and get emotionally involved. You tell yourself you are going to do it, you just can’t get to it today.
Consider this possibility: the only thing that stands in your way is your failure to make a decision. All actions are preceded by a decision. If your decision has been to put it off, your results will reflect that decision. Is it time to make a new decision?