What’s In Your Bag?

From Gulf Shore Business:

Heather Christie, president of Evolve Global and certified leadership coach, frequently travels to speak in front of trade associations, companies and organizations. Whether she’s presenting to a group of 60 or 600, there are a few things she never leaves home without. She’s the host of the soon-to-debut Gulfshore Business podcast.

  1. The bag: Viera Business Tote by TUMI ($545, tumi.com) “I use it for my suitcase. It’s secure and I can pack it so full. My rule is if I’m going for a week or less I’m carrying on.”
  2. iPhone 6 ($549, apple.com), Kindle Fire ($49.99, amazon.com) and Sennheiser Noise-Cancelling Headphones ($199.95, en-us.sennheiser.com): “When I’m traveling I want to listen to something that feeds my mind, whether it’s a podcast or an audiobook.”
  3. Wireless remote: “In any presentation I’m giving I never want to rely on the equipment [available], so I always bring my own remote. Mine has a pointer too, in case I need it.”
  4. 12 x 16-inch white down travel pillow ($37.95, amazon.com): “Risking missing a good night’s sleep when you have a presentation the next day is just not good.”

>Jawbone Jambox Speaker ($199.99, jawbone.com): “I always bring my own Bluetooth speaker so I can play music during presentations as well as beforehand. It puts a little more energy in the room.”

>Travel checklist: “If I don’t have a list, I’ll inevitably forget something. There is a level of calm when you’re able to check everything off the list.”