Want More Time, Energy and Focus? Delete the Energy-Suckers!

What are you tolerating in your life that isn’t working for you?

Day after day, what have you been putting up with?

In your personal and professional life, there are many little things that may go unresolved and unfixed. These “little” things take away from your ability to focus on the things that matter most. You may not realize how much energy they suck out of you.

How can you fix that?

Write them down. The act of writing them down will force you to start getting these distractions out of your life.

Little things matter, especially when there are many of them. They divert your positive energy. They dilute your overall effort to get to the bigger issues. So start listing them, and by doing so, you will notice you will start fixing them. By fixing them, you clear the path to what’s really important to you.