Want Better Productivity? Adopt a Coaching Leadership Model

Leaders, have you ever found yourself complaining that you are too busy? You just can’t get to all of your work because you are constantly interrupted with other peoples’ challenges? Getting bogged down in the minutiae of everyday employee challenges will sap your strength and your focus. Consider the possibility that you may be contributing to the problem because of the leadership model that you are currently using. If someone comes to you with a problem, challenge or opportunity, do you give them advice and direction or do you coach them to tap into their own wisdom?

Adopting a coaching leadership style can transform your productivity. Next time an employee comes to you with a problem, challenge or opportunity and wants your advice, ask them this question, “what do you think you should do?” Follow that question with “why?” and actively listen. By coaching your direct reports to think for themselves, you help them to build the confidence they so desperately need to independently solve those problems, challenges and opportunities that can clog up your already busy calendar. Over time, your use of a coaching leadership model will cause your employees to seek their own solutions first which means less interruptions for you.