The Million Dollar Question: What Do You Want?

Earl Nightingale defines success as, “the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” Anyone who has achieved noteworthy success in any calling has done so because they have a clearly defined goal, a plan to accomplish that goal and the persistence to take constant action toward the attainment of that goal.

In my experience over the last 11 years, the most difficult question any professional or executive has had to answer is this: what do you want? I mean, what do you REALLY want? What is your current goal and is it worthy of your time, effort, energy and money?

Dale Carnegie wrote that successful leaders in all walks of life embody a set of specific traits, here are a few:

They have a definite purpose and a definite plan for attaining it.
They have a motive that continuously drives them.
They surround themselves with talented people who share their vision.
They are able to be self-reliant.
They have intense self-discipline.

Let’s go back to your “worthy goal” or your “definite purpose”. Is your primary goal definite? Does it excite you and give you focus? If not, keep searching. Your goal should engage you fully in your life. It should be so exciting that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning to go after it.

Keep in mind that 100% of leaders lead by example – the question is what example are you setting in the area of goal setting and achieving? If you have a goal and you lack the persistence to follow through on your action plan, you may be missing the requisite level of desire. Go after what you really want and go big!

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