Success Wheel – Finding Balance in Life by Creating Your Worthy Ideal

Success has been defined by Earl Nightengale as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”.

The challenge is that most people don’t spend enough time developing a clear vision on their “worthy ideal” as it relates to all areas of life. Strong leadership and finding balance in life requires confidence and confidence comes from self-esteem and self-worth. Step one is identifying where you are now – grading yourself in all important areas of your life, including:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Work/Business
  • Financial
  • Social
  • Family/Children
  • Spiritual/Religious
  • Leadership/Personal Growth
  • Community

Once you have scored yourself in each area of life, Heather will help you establish the most simple methodology to get clarity on what your “worthy ideal” is for each area of life. Then we discuss a practical step by step method to help you change the existing habits and paradigms that are currently running your life.

Finding that balance in life and creating a plan to progressively move toward your vision will change the way you look at life. As you progress in each area of your success wheel, you will watch your self-esteem and confidence soar. This will go a long way towards finding balance in life and you’ll find others noticing a change in you and wanting “some of what you have”.

Heather will teach you how to get clarity and create a system for regular review. If you want your managers and leaders to grow in confidence and self-esteem and be the type of people that others want to emulate – this training is for you!