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Dynamic Adaptation (TM)
Speaking: Keynotes & Breakouts



Engaging. Interactive. Fun. – We all know that kids learn best when they are having fun, but did you know that the same is true for adults? An engaging keynote speech is an ideal way to get an audience fired up! Heather will work with you to get clarity on your specific measurable goals for your event so that she can customize her topic to meet your needs. Her keynotes range from 30 to 90 minutes. Whether you select her for your opening or closing keynote, she’ll have your group fully engaged while they learn practical leadership skills that ultimately impact your bottom line results!

Opening Keynote – Heather will kick off your conference and get the participants to make commitments about their desire to grow both personally and professionally.

Closing Keynote – Your participants are excited, exhausted and probably overwhelmed. Heather will help participants synthesize all of the most important information learned during your conference by taking them through her 3 step conference review process. During this simple process, your participants will learn how to prioritize all that they learned and create a practical action plan that they will be motivated to implement upon their return.


Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions are a powerful option for your group if you would like to:

  • Give your participants an opportunity to discuss concepts in more depth with their colleagues
  • Go deeper into a keynote concept
  • Reduce tension among team members
  • Increase communication by understanding diverse behavioral styles
  • Allow participants to create practical goals and action plans based on content delivered from multiple sessions


Workshops & Breakout Sessions – Our clients are seeking diverse speaking and facilitating skills and really appreciate that they can make the most out of their event budget by keeping Heather for workshops and breakout sessions. Heather brings over a decade of coaching and workshop facilitating experience to engage your participants in conscious thinking, collaborating and communicating. She can either go deeper into concepts shared during her keynote or coach on a myriad of practical business and leadership concepts. Heather will work with you to determine your goals and customize the Breakout/Workshop that brings you the most value. Wherever possible, Heather will ask you for specific results that you are seeking and help you to find a way to track your ROI from conference.



Workshops can also be empowering stand-alone off-site retreats or team building sessions. For those traveling to Southwest Florida, please inquire about Heather’s “Total Team Transformation” workshop. Heather’s workshops are customized and can last anywhere from two to eight hours per day for one day or multiple days.


Strategic Retreats

Go from chaos to clarity in 3 Simple Steps during a Strategic Retreat. If your entire Executive or Management Team cannot currently articulate your company’s top 3 priorities with complete clarity and alignment, then this
session will pay you dividends for a long time to come. For over 10 years, Heather has been leading private sector high growth mid-size companies in their strategic planning efforts. The result of this session is alignment, clarity and most important a simple action plan with the top three results agreed upon for each department in your company. Less is more when it comes to clarity on results sought! Contact Heather to discuss your next Strategic Retreat.


Executive & Leadership Coaching

We provide one to one Executive and Leadership Coaching for C-Level Executives to Emerging Leaders. Our goal is to strengthen leadership by increasing influence, building critical skills, and improving overall effectiveness. We draw heavily on assessment tools to focus the coaching on the individual and ensure results. We customize every coaching relationship by beginning with an Executive Alignment session to clarify personal and professional goals. Coaching can focus on specific leadership and communication skills, executive presence, overall effectiveness, or personal and professional development. Send an email to to learn more or begin the application process for coaching.


Leadership Training & Team Building
Group Leadership Coaching

One of our top selling Leadership Programs is our highly leveraged Group Leadership Coaching Programs. For one hour per week to one hour per month depending on your schedule, we offer interactive programs either customized for your team or set up with professionals from around the country. Send an email to to learn more about our upcoming programs.


What My Clients Are Saying...

“Heather is an excellent communicator and scaled the content perfectly for the time allowed.”


Paul Chavez Director, Systems Applications at HARMAN International

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