PODCAST: Episode 9 – Joe Padgett Interview

Joe Padgett, Customer Care Officer with Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC), has over 40 years of experience as an executive in different industries.

Although Joe reminds listeners that leadership is a 24/7 role, the key to it is finding your passion. If Joe gave his 21-year-old self some advice, it would be to get involved sooner, find your passion and know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can begin to learn and grow.

Joe is committed to developing the next generation of leaders and he tells us how he gets out in front of this strategic initiative.

“What happens when I’m gone?”

This is the question Joe challenges executives to think about. Leadership isn’t just about the present, but about being a visionary for what a company or organization will look like in the future, once you are no longer present.

Identifying the next-level leaders for organizations takes time and a strategy.

  1. Identify the organization’s needs (present and future)
  2. Identify people with the attributes for leadership and/or the capability to grow into a leadership position
  3. Invest time and money into developing people

What makes for a great leader? Joe Padgett identifies a number of qualities, including the following, they:

  • know who they are
  • Are Innovative
  • Inspire others from a positive passion position
  • Are a role model (high integrity, authentic)
  • Are courageous
  • Are committed

Great leaders continue to learn and grow. Joe, for example, still undergoes 360 evaluations at his organization. This allows him to work on aspects of his leadership, with the thoughtful input from not only his boss, but his peers and employees.

You can learn more about Lee County Electric Cooperative by visiting their website https://www.lcec.net/. And you can connect with LCEC on Facebook.