PODCAST: Episode 7 – Samira Beckwith Interview

After 27 years as President and CEO of Hope HealthCare Services, Dr. Samira Beckwith has experienced a lot of change in her industry, in her growing organization, and as a leader.

“In leadership, nothing stays the same. Change is a process, not an event,” says Samira, who has seen her organization grow from 30 employees providing hospice care to 900 employees caring for more than 4,000 individuals a day as part of a comprehensive home healthcare system.

The healthcare industry, like many in America, is subject to a lot of regulations that are added or amended regularly. Samira sees this as a way for her organization to evolve, but it is not always easy maintaining the morale of a team that must endure such evolution. Samira strives to instill a positive attitude towards change, which sets the tone for how her employees ultimately handle challenges.

Recruiting good talent is important for any organization, and Hope HealthCare Services is no exception. Recognizing the importance of employees who can handle evolution and change, Samira says it is important to find people who look at the glass half full and are dedicated to the greater mission of helping people. As a leader, Samira says it is important, starting from the beginning, for her to clearly state the mission and goals of Hope HealthCare Services.

If Samira could give advice to her 21 year old self, she says it would be to “always be as positive as possible and look for the good in people.” This advice can carry any of us who are looking to make a positive impact on our employees, our communities and the world around us.


  • Look for employees who have the qualities necessary to handle the unique challenges of your organization
  • Clearly articulate the mission and goals of your organization from the start
  • Maintain a positive attitude, always
  • Embrace change

You can learn more about Hope HealthCare by visiting the website www.hopehcs.org

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