PODCAST: Episode 49 – When You Can’t Escape the Storm, with Glenn Frith

This is the second part of Heather’s conversation with Glenn Frith, The President and Founder of Aeronautical Charter Inc, or ACI. To hear how Glenn led his company and family through Hurrican Irma, only to survive death itself with a massive heart attack shortly after, make sure that you check out Mastermind Episode 48.

In this episode, Hurricane Irma follows Glenn to Georgia, even as he’s recovering in the hospital. Heather and Glenn discuss some of the changes he’s made in his own life since, and his advice for everyone listening to Mastermind.

(01:15) The Timeline Recap
(02:52) What do You Take Away from Dying?
(10:17) Advice for Managing and Overcoming Stress
(18:28) Recap