PODCAST: Episode 47 – The Power and Importance of Meditation

“If you’re too busy to meditate, then you MUST learn how to meditate.”

Perhaps you’ve tried meditation in the past, but have always found the to-do list pressing in on your “blank canvas” mind. Heather has had those same stumbles, and in this episode, she shares her own journey on discovering the power of meditation and some of the reasons she’s continued it for over a decade.

Set aside your preconceived notions of meditation and give Heather 10 minutes to convince you to take another shot.


If you’re interested in the program Heather mentions in this episode and uses personally, you can find more info here: http://www.natural-stress-relief.com

[Note: Heather has no affiliation with the website above and is not compensated in any way.]

(01:14) – Heather’s History with Meditation
(03:23) The Fifteen Minute Meditation
(06:57) The Bonus Side Effect for Heather
(08:36) Recap