PODCAST: Episode 40 – Qualities of Leadership – Definiteness of Purpose

In this episode of Mastermind, Heather discusses the philosophy of Napoleon Hill, a figure central to Heather’s own philosophy of business. Specifically, his long out of print book, “Think Your Way to Wealth”, a transcription of Hill’s first meeting and discussion with steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie.

The discussion led to Napoleon Hill’s life work, collecting the experiences of successful people, and parsing that information into principles that could be understood and implemented by others.

Do YOU have a Definiteness of Purpose? Do you know exactly what your most important goal is? Have you written it down? Do you recite it daily? Let Heather help you center your focus and drive and allow your business to expand around that focus purpose.

(1:49) The story of “Think Your Way to Wealth”
(6:00) The Single Most Important Element of Success
(9:23) The Importance of Defining Your Purpose