PODCAST: Episode 4 – Raising the B.A.R.

Are you stuck trying to achieve something? Perhaps it is a career change or a personal goal you are seeking.

There’s a formula for that. It’s called B.A.R.

Beliefs x Actions = Results

Sometimes it’s easier to work backwards, and start with the result. Most people, when stuck in life, don’t have enough clarity about the result that they are going after.

What is it that you are ultimately trying to achieve?

Once you have figured out the result you are seeking, then address your beliefs, or your “mindset.”

What is your mind currently telling you?

Is changing careers or starting a business too hard, are you too old, is it confusing, are you lacking qualifications?

Will that kind of mindset give you the result you want?

There are things you can do — like career coaching or reading topical books or articles of interest — that will help you achieve the proper mindset.

And then you must take actions that you identify as necessary in order to achieve your goal.

Think about where you are stuck.

If you are stuck, one of the three parts of the B.A.R. formula is just not present for you. Either you don’t have enough clarity on the results you are after, or if you have the clarity but you are just not getting into action, take a look at what your existing beliefs are. Identify those limiting beliefs that are holding you back from actually taking the actions required to get the results that you are after.

This formula applies in all situations, and I would also encourage leaders to use the B.A.R. formula to help your employees get past their limiting beliefs.