PODCAST: Episode 39 – Are You Being Heard? with Darren LaCroix

When you speak in front of others they’re listening, but are you BEING HEARD? That’s the question that Darren LaCroix asks us in this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie. From his bold move into stand-up comedy, and the stumbles he had along the way, to his discovery of the world of professional speaking and his ascent to the World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren shares the trials, tribulations and takeaways he’s come through and come away with.

It all starts with the question, ‘what would you do, if you knew you wouldn’t fail?’ Darren answered that for himself, and the unfolding journey that answer has taken him on has brought him to his own purpose, and more success than he could have dreamed of.

Whether you’re a professional speaker yourself, or just responsible for presenting to your clients, organization or corporate team, you’ll gain powerful tools to help polish your next presentation or speech and make sure they’re not just listening, but that you’re HEARD.

(0:58) Darren’s Origin Story
(6:00) Darren’s Life as a Speaker
(8:25) How to Gauge Whether You’re Being Heard?
(12:38) Sales
(17:02) Detour-Free Humor
(19:37) How Do You Get Started as a Speaker?
(28:29) Advice for Young Darren?
(31:11) Recap

If you want to be HEARD, you can check out Darren’s courses at http://stagetimeuniversity.com/ or join us in person at the September 9th event in Ft. Lauderdale by visiting http://www.floridaspeakers.org