PODCAST: Episode 36 – Qualities of Leadership – Focus

This episode begins a series on the Qualities of Leadership with a discussion of Focus, or as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki defined it once, “Follow One Course Until Successful”. Heather highlights the critical nature of focus for leaders, especially in an era of constant distraction.

Look at these three areas of focus in your own life and organization and assess where you’re succeeding and where you have room for improvement.

1. Self Focus – (1:59) – Are you aware of your strengths and your limitations?
2. Focus on Results – (5:55) – Do you know what your most important goal is RIGHT NOW?
3. Focus on Other People – (8:21) – When speaking with others, do you split-focus? Or devote your attention to them? Are you aware of your team’s strengths, and focused on keeping them working within their strength-zone?
Recap – (10:56)