PODCAST: Episode 34 – 7 Steps to Better Public Speaking

Listen to “7 Steps to Better Public Speaking” on Spreaker.

In this episode, Heather Christie shares her experience and tips for public speaking and presentations, especially for those that are new to it or even fear it. Heather avoided public speaking when possible early in her career, and when necessary she would rely on “winging it,” telling herself and others that she always did better that way. Heather’s fear of public speaking extended even to the preparation.

If you’ve struggled with speaking before, or if you’re anxious to add another advantage in your corporate climb, Heather offers sound, actionable advice to help you take the next step in this episode of Mastermind.

  1. Prepare – (3:52)
  2. Practice – (5:17)
  3. Pictures not Words in PowerPoint – (7:57)
  4. USE the microphone. Test it first. – (9:19)
  5. Bring up the energy! – (11:05)
  6. Tell the story – (12:02)
  7. Start on time. End on Time. – (14:16)
  8. Amygdala Hijack – (16:09)
  9. Speakers Associations – (18:11) – www.floridaspeakers.org