PODCAST: Episode 32 – It’s Gotta Go – Delegating for Leaders

In Episode 14 of Mastermind, Heather Christie discussed the methods and systems for delegation. If you missed that episode, or haven’t revisited it in a while, check it out here.

In this episode, Heather takes a “deeper dive” into delegation for leaders. We cover the reasons you’re likely not delegating already and help you to analyze your workload, determine which tasks and projects “gotta go” and what you ACTUALLY should be focusing on at any given time.

0:38 – The First Question to ask
2:34 – Delegate to Whom? – http://upwork.com
3:41 – Delegating to Technology – http://www.scheduleonce.com/
5:28 – Your Belief System
7:56 – The Delegation Drill

1. Capture a list of all repetitive tasks you’re responsible for.
2. Rate those tasks in (1) level of difficulty and (2) level of enjoyment of each task.
3. Tasks with a low skill level and a low level of enjoyment on your part should be delegated IMMEDIATELY!
4. Make an Action Plan.