PODCAST: Episode 29 – The Power of Publishing with Pat Iyer

As President of the Pat Iyer Group, and the creative force behind EditingMyBook.com Pat is the authority on publishing for executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs. Pat makes it clear that the best way to share your expertise, establish credibility and reputation among your peers and develop a flow of new clients and customers is to write a book. From her career as a medical liability expert, professional speaker to her new path as an author and coach, Pat has been sharing her experience and expertise for a lifetime. In this episode, Pat and Heather discuss some of the primary obstacles to publishing for potential authors and how to overcome them. They breakdown the pros and cons of self-publishing versus using traditional publishers and how to get started no matter which route is best for you. They also highlight the unique opportunity to re purpose content you’ve created (or are creating) for other mediums. Whether that’s turning your blog posts into a book, or tweeting the relevant highlights from blogs and podcasts.

1:10 – Pat’s Start in Writing
4:57 – Why Write a Book?
8:20 – The Book Proposal
10:44 – Traditional Publisher or Self-Publish
15:30 – Re purposing Material for Your Book
19:35 – Outsourcing the Technical Stuff
22:16 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race
25:16 – Advice for Young Pat
26:39 – Recap

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