Podcast: Episode 25 – The Seven Laws of Networking

Heather shares her “7 Laws of Networking” in this episode of Mastermind. Do you dread networking events, conferences and office parties? Are you actively planning and strategizing how to best take advantage of those opportunities?

Heather brings her years of experience as a speaker, consultant and coach to the table so that no matter what your behavioral style or personal experience at industry events, you can maximize your return when attending your next event, and enjoy yourself more in the process.

1. Arrive Early, and Have a plan -1:09
2. Look and Feel Your Best – 3:02
3. The Perfect Handshake – 6:11
4. Make the Proper Introduction – 7:21
5. Good Conversation – 9:10
6. Identify and Adapt – 10:05
7. Prioritize Your Followup – 11:50
8. Recap of the 7 Laws of Networking – 13:11