PODCAST: Episode 24 Serving Leaders with Diana Willis

Diana Willis is the co-owner and Chief Motivational Officer of Jason’s Deli of Southwest Florida and in this episode she joins Heather to discuss the 5 core values for Jason’s Deli’s leadership (and the company as a whole):

Offering a Great Place to Work

Out of this World Hospitality

Highest Quality Food

A Healthy, Growing Company

and The Highest Personal Standards

Diana also explains how they “feed” their employees with ideas like Monday Morning Messages, Wellness Wednesdays and Fun Facts Fridays. Simple messaging including in the regular corporate info-stream to help engage and inform their employees at every level. How they have kept their employees engaged over 15 years as the company grows and how Diana pushes those long-term employees to continue growing as she grows as a leader herself.

Heather and Diana also share the successes and secrets of building a business (and a life) with your spouse.

1:13 Managing 300 Plus people

3:38 The Five Values

5:33 Leadership Rituals

9:58 Organizational Evolution

15:26 Community Service

19:01 Building a Business with your Spouse

23:34 Advice for Young Diana