PODCAST: Episode 23 – How to Increase Employee Engagement, and the True Cost of Disengagement

Approximately 32% of our American workforce are engaged employees…right now, you should be alarmed because you know that the rest of the two categories make up two-thirds of the population! – Heather Christie
In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, we’re talking about the employee engagement in our companies and just how much it is actually costing us. Heather also breaks down the difference between coaching and managing and challenges you to assess your own leadership and that of your organization.
1:00 – The Engaged Employees
1:36 – The Checked-Out Employees
2:36 – The Actively Dis-Engaged Employees
3:17 – By the Numbers
4:18 – The Impact on Your Organization
5:29 – What Do We Do About it?
7:26 – Personal Assessment
8:01 – Coaching vs. Managing
“There’s a near perfect correlation with effective coaching and the ability to develop others and the level of their subordinates engagement.”