Podcast: Episode 22 – Leading with Passion and Purpose with Scott Burgess

Every employee that comes in has a natural instinct, I believe, to move in the ranks of the organization. – Scott Burgess

In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, Heather is joined by Scott Burgess, CEO of the David Lawrence Center. From his beginnings as an entry level vocational counselor at Alexia Brothers Center for Mental Health, to Executive Director and now CEO, Scott is driven to help people achieve and in this episode he shares some of the ways he continues to do that.
“You need to be the type of person that not only talks about that you’ll roll up your sleeves and do the hard work, but that you’ll do it.” – Scott Burgess
Find more about Scott and his work at: http://davidlawrencecenter.org
or on Social Media:

0:49 – Scott’s Career Path
6:19 – Tailoring his education based on his passion and aptitude
10:05 – Outside of initiative, what helped Scott’s climb?
13:06 – The David Lawrence Center
16:22 – Leading a large and diverse organization
18:50 – Scott’s Community Commitment
21:43 – Scott’s Time management
25:17 – Advice for Young Scott
27:36 – How to find your purpose
32:12 – Scott’s Challenges for Leaders

Key Takeaways:
1 in 4 will suffer from mental health issue
1 in 9 will suffer from substance abuse
2 suicides for every homicide (8 – 9 of 10 display symptoms for major depression and other mental illnesses). These are life threatening conditions that we don’t discuss.
How will we accommodate treatment needs?
49th of 50 worst in funding
A long way to go in prioritization and resources
Earlier screening and detection has created a dramatic increase in children