PODCAST: Episode 21 – Mastering Mind State with Gary Greenfield

“Mind State, the mood you’re in, will affect your thinking and will affect your actions as a result.”

In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, Heather is joined by Gary Greenfield an author, speaker, trainer and Mind State Mentor. They discuss how mood affects actions and how leaders can apply that knowledge in their own work and in their management of projects and people. Find more from Gary at his site: http://www.garygreenfield.com

0:54 – Gary’s Mind State Philosophy and what that is
3:09 – The problem of stress, its origins and how to avoid it

8:07 – Attitude as a Symptom

9:32 – Overcoming the Attitude of Fear

15:29 – The Equation for Succeeding at Everything

18:15 – Gary’s Philosophy and how it relates to leadership

21:16 – Gary’s Business Coaching Model

22:07 – TOPIC model for Constructive Feedback

26:29 – Leaders giving Positive Feedback

28:51 – Timing your feedback

30:20 – “What did I do well today?”

33:01 – Advice for young Gary

Key Takeaways:

“The point is important is defined as you define in that moment, and that’s where you focu

“Life is like learning to play a musical instrument. Don’t wait until you can do it perfectly.”

“Leadership is not about being in front of a group with a great big title, it’s about being in the middle of the group with a great big, but disciplined, heart.”
“If there’s a singularly most important discipline of a leader, it is in how to give constructive feedback to their people.”

“Feel the future.”

T – Topic

O – Observations and Opinions

P – Personal Perspective

I – Involvement

C – Confirmation and Commitment