PODCAST: Episode 17 – Greg Newell Interview

Greg Newell is the co-founder and President of Nave Newell, a civil engineering and consulting firm that specializes in land development.

At the core of Greg’s business is his long-standing philosophy of striving for the extraordinary as both a standard in design and service to clients. He achieves this level of service in many ways, but one stand-out technique that worked for Greg and his business is the “raving fan” approach, whereby utmost customer service translates into long-term clients and client referrals.

But providing stellar customer service as a business owner didn’t always come naturally to Greg. Educated as an engineer, Greg worked to shift his mindset from being “an engineer with a business to a business owner of an engineering company.”

Personal family struggles, which were revealed many years ago, provided Greg with the opportunity to seek his own sense of purpose and gratitude. Through the process of helping a family member suffering with drug and alcohol addiction, Greg shares many things that he learned along his relative’s path to recovery. Among those things, he learned the following:

  • Understand what you can and can’t control, and realize that one thing we can always control is how we respond. Greg doesn’t waste his energy on things he can’t control, allowing him to fully enjoy the things he can control; and
  • Celebrate every day.

One way that Greg manages to celebrate every day is by being active in his hobbies. Horseback riding, for example, is a hobby that Greg took up later in life. Generally, however, many people struggle balancing all that life throws at us, and hobbies often become the first thing to go. So how does Greg manage to find time? He empowers others around him. “I believe in you,” is a powerful phrase that Greg uses with his staff, which helps his business to thrive, employees to grow, and Greg to have more freedom to decide how to use his time.

As a leader, Greg emphasizes the importance of relentlessly coaching and teaching – sharing what’s important and why, articulating your core values and educating his employees on the behaviors that produce “raving fans.”

And if Greg has any advice for his 21 year old self, it is this: “Become obsessively inquisitive.”
You can connect with Greg via his website, www.navenewell.com, or on Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest.