PODCAST: Episode 10 – Alan Weiss Interview

Alan Weiss is one of those rare people who can say he is a consultant, speaker, and author and mean it. Having been inducted into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame and the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence, Alan gives speeches around the world and teaches at leading universities throughout the United States. And if that isn’t enough, he’s authored over 500 articles and 60 books, including his latest book Million Dollar Maverick (Bibliomotion, 2016). Learn more about Alan’s impressive bio by visiting his website https://www.alanweiss.com/about-alan-weiss/

In this episode of Mastermind with Heather Christie, Alan Weiss shares how you can build self-esteem and achieve your goals by moving yourself away from the herd by creating self-validation.

Self-esteem is a key aspect of success. Three-quarters of people struggle in some way with self-esteem, and it can be very hard to build it up – it’s like a muscle that must be exercised every day. But as difficult as it may be, this is characteristic is crucial for success.

Alan provides some practical tips for building self-esteem:

  • Build your communication skills.
  • Generalize positive news and isolate bad news.
  • Take a little bit of time every night before bed to think about all the things you have accomplished.
  • In the morning, take some time to tell yourself how great this day is going to be and all that you will accomplish.
  • Avoid self-editing.

“Unless you continue to climb in life, you are stalled. And when you are stalled, people will continue to pass you by.”

It’s one thing to have goals, but goals are difficult to achieve without having a plan in place, outlining the specifics steps and actions that you must take in order to achieve something.

If Alan could give one piece of advice to his 21 year old self, it would be to capture more names. Your reach is a combination of the number of names you have and their quality, given who your ideal buyer should be.

“Everyday is your chance. I can always make another dollar, but I can’t make another minute. So if you let a day go by without changing your behaviors or habits, you’ve wasted it.”

Interested in hearing Alan speak? He will be giving the keynote address at the Florida Speakers Association Joint Fund Raiser on January 28th, 2017 in Naples, Florida. You can register online here: http://www.floridaspeakers.org/joint-fundraiser/

image001-1You can connect with Alan through his website www.alanweiss.com or Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.