PODCAST: Episode 35 – Top Seven Strategies to Get the Most Out of Your Conference

This episode was recorded live in Orlando as Heather attends Influence 2017, the National Speakers Associations annual conference. In it, Heather shares her top seven strategies for making sure you get the most out of YOUR next conference.

Whether an industry event or something you’re required to attend by your corporate bosses, make sure that it’s more than just travel miles you bring back home with you. Heather even includes her secret note taking tip: Write what the speaker makes you think, not just what the speaker said!

But, we all know conferences are also about networking, as well as seeing friends we may not see again for a year or more. Heather helps you optimize that time as well, by focusing on your objectives!

1. List your top three objectives before you get to the conference – (1:03)
2. Select the sessions that relate to your top 3 (if you have a choice) – (2:02)
3. Go to every event you can, AND pace yourself – (3:01)
4. Take good notes! – (4:49)
5. Networking, or Connecting with others in your Industry – (7:44)
6. Daily review of what you’ve learned – (10:04)
7. Followup: With People and with your notes! – (11:01)