PODCAST: Episode 48 – Maintaining the Flight Plan, In the Middle of the Storm with Glenn Frith

The President and Founder of Aeronautical Charter Inc, or ACI, Glenn Frith, joins Heather in this two-part episode to discuss his career and experiences.

In the first part, we hear the beginning of Glenn’s love affair with flying and how Glenn and his company responded to Hurricane Irma just weeks ago.

The stress levels were off the charts as Glenn managed his own family’s response to the storm, millions of dollars in assets for clients and helped clients and locals evacuate safely with their families.

But “safety” is relative, as in the storm’s aftermath Glenn suffered a massive heart attack and cardiac arrest. He shares his literal life and death story with us in this episode.

Find out more about ACI at http://www.goflyaci.com/

(01:27) Glenn’s Origin Story
(05:35) Hurricane Irma
(20:40) After the Storm comes the attack