PODCAST: Episode 43 – Lessons in the Storm: On the Road Home after Hurricane Irma

Heather returns from her “hurricane hiatus” to record this “live-on-the-road” podcast sharing her takeaways from the evacuation. The storm and the evacuation are reminders that our planning and attention to detail that are so important in business can also be literal life and death.

If you’re in the areas affected by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma, we’d love to hear what you’ve learned in the aftermath and how you’re getting things back together as the storms pass.

(01:46) Lesson No.1 – Stuff is Stuff
(04:01) Lesson No.2 – You Never Prepare Enough or Early Enough
(07:40) Lesson No.3 – Don’t Binge the National News
(10:35) Lesson No. 4 – Look for the Helpers
(15:39) Happy News