The business world is moving faster than ever before.
If your organization lacks effective leadership development planning, you will be left behind.

In order to win, you need to be able to move at the speed of the market and still retain efficiency and growth. This only comes from great leadership and management and you need to have the tools to create that system.

This LEADERS EXPEDITED GROWTH PROGRAM will train you and create the system you need to win and scale into MASSIVE GROWTH.

This program is the solution to scale and grow and win.

  • There’s always too much to do and not enough time to get it done.
  • You wish your employees would produce more, quickly.
  • You understand the importance of professional development for your team, but you can’t make the time.
  • You’re hyper-aware that if you lost one of your star employees, you couldn’t replace them.
  • You are struggling to find high quality employees.
  • Your relationship with your boss is strained and stressful. You wish you knew how to communicate more effectively.
  • You’ve had trouble sleeping through the night because you were fixated on office drama.
  • You are not feeling as fulfilled as you want to be in your job.

Your company needs targeted and consistent leadership training.
Every second you waste not investing in your leadership team costs you future growth potential.
Make an investment in the future of your company, by investing in the people you count on to run it.


This annual membership program delivers your company the process to turn managers into leaders and grow your company expeditiously. This program is focused on maximizing the value of high potential millennials. At Evolve Global, we strive to create opportunities for executive leaders to engage in meaningful personal and professional development.

Lead by globally recognized executive leadership coach, Heather Christie, JD, CSP, this program utilizes time-tested, proven success strategies designed for leadership teams to achieve consistent growth. As President of Evolve Global, a strategic leadership development company, Heather’s passion is maximizing human performance, inspiring and motivating action. Heather and Evolve Global are on a mission to help your leadership team maximize their impact, and successfully lead your employees to winning outcomes.

LEADERS EXPEDITED GROWTH allows you to streamline your company’s leadership development, from your leadership team to your entry level employees. Senior leaders are so busy leading change initiatives that even the best intentions create inconsistencies in leadership development.


This program removes inconsistency from the equation. The Evolve Global team has created a leveraged, blended executive leadership development program just for you. Through mentoring, coaching and training we will use a combination of online and webinar learning to provide consistent and effective leadership development efficiently and effectively.

Here’s how we work:


  • 2-Part Assessment and Training: Understand and Align Your Motivators in Your Current Role

    • You will start by taking a 2-part assessment: 1) Discover hidden motivators and learn how to intentionally tap into strengths you didn’t even know you had; 2) Resolve any internal conflict between your hidden motivators and your behavioral style.
    • You will receive an online training that takes you step by step through the most important aspects of the motivator report.
    You will use this assessment throughout the leadership development program to help you understand how to better communicate with and influence others.
    (+$497) DEBRIEF UPGRADE: Work directly with an Evolve Global coach to go in depth on this assessment for an additional fee of $497

  • EvolveU Online Training: Leadership Development

    Get unlimited access to the entire library of our EvolveU Online Leadership Development Curriculum.
    a) The curriculum is continuously updated with useful content that you will be able to access as long as you are enrolled in this program.
    b) These courses go in depth on issues discussed in our live webinars. Our coaches will reference videos for participants to watch prior to each session.

  • Bi-Monthly Live Webinar: Training and Coaching

    Access a LIVE WEBINAR on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month.
    Structure: Lead by your Executive Coach: 20 minutes on general Leadership Development, 40 Minutes of additional live coaching, with the ability to submit requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Individually, each online program retails for a minimum of $997, and the assessment goes for $149.
Together, that’s more than $12,000.

Now, you can enroll each member of your leadership team for just $1,997 ANNUALLY!