Is Your Company Culture Intentional or Accidental?

Intentional company culture is transformative. It can engage the hearts and minds of your team and cause them to buy into the direction, vision, and values of your organization. Intentional culture inspires people to do their best work in support of your common goal.

Every organization has a culture. The question is, who created that culture? Left unchecked, your culture will evolve from your employees or even your customers or clients. In that event, it may not support the standards, beliefs and attitudes you desire.

I have worked with many companies that had a “stated culture” and when I pressed the executives, they could not articulate that culture. Your true culture is not the one printed on the paper or posted on your website – your true culture is alive in the attitude, beliefs and behavior of your team. If you are unsure whether your culture is intentional or accidental, ask your leaders, managers, employees and clients to articulate their views on your company culture (without giving them the ability to look it up).

Your culture has a substantial impact on your ability to execute your desired strategy, implement change, and achieve business goals. Make it intentional through persistent repetition of desired attitudes, beliefs and behaviors – especially from your CEO and Leadership Team.