You are capable of achieving a compelling, worthy goal.

You’re no stranger to the personal and professional goal setting process, but in the past, your results may not have met your expectations. This year, you want to do things differently.

2018 is the year you will achieve a specific goal in your personal and professional life.
All you need are the tools to hold yourself and your team accountable.


  • You lack clarity on the very goals you intend to accomplish.
  • You’ve set goals before, but they were not compelling or worthy enough to constitute transformative success for your personal and professional life.
  • You have set goals in the past and had tremendous results, but it’s time to re-set.
  • You can envision the end result, but you have no idea how to break down the process to get from point A to point B.
  • You’re so focused on the future goals you seek to achieve, that you rarely take the time to reflect on your past accomplishments.
  • You recognize the importance of accountability, but you have trouble holding yourself and others to that standard.


The most pervasive obstacles preventing people from fulfilling their goals are lack of clarity and accountability. In order to execute against the goals you intend to achieve this year you need a plan and a coach.

  • Imagine waking up every morning feeling energized, ready to attack your goals daily.
  • Imagine the security you’ll feel when you possess a perfectly clear vision of your goal.
  • Imagine the relief you will gain, knowing that the structure for your goal accountability exists outside of your own willpower.
  • Think about the assurance you’ll feel when you know exactly where to focus your energy to effectively conquer the next phase of your goal setting program.
  • Visualize yourself this time next year, congratulating your team and celebrating the fulfillment of a worthy goal!

If you are ready to make 2018 a transformative year for your personal and professional life,

APPLY NOW for the Evolve to Win Quarterly Coaching Program.

This is the #1 program out there to help you achieve your goals!


Over the course of one year, you will create a super specific goal that is measurable and achievable, outline a strategy of how to achieve it, measure and track your progress and receive feedback on how to adjust in order to meet your expectations.

Created by globally recognized executive leadership coach, Heather Christie, this program utilizes proven success strategies designed for CEO’s and senior leaders to achieve their goals. As President of Evolve Global, a strategic leadership development company, Heather’s passion is maximizing human performance, inspiring and motivating action. Her mission this year is to help you achieve breakthrough results through this ambitious goal setting program.

The Evolve to Win Quarterly Coaching Program includes:

1 Alignment Session 

  • You will start by taking a 3-part assessment and you will receive an online training to help you gain value from your report.
  • You will receive access to our online goal setting program to help you set or confirm your goals for 2018 and your quarterly goals.
  • One on one alignment session with a coach dedicated to helping you achieve the clarity necessary for confirming your goals, your quarterly action plan and how you will track and measure your success.

Accountability Coaching

  • Weekly group accountability session where you will update your goal tracker and get your questions answered directly by a coach from our team.
  • Monthly tracking reports so you can review your progress toward your goals, gain insight and course correct to stay on track.
  • Quarterly 90-minute group planning session via webinar.

Gain Access to:

  • The Evolve Goal Tracker System – our system for goal tracking, measuring and reporting on your progress.
  • Private Facebook Community Page with exclusive video content to help you through the process.
  • Direct Email Communication with Evolve Global coaches.
  • Online DISC/Motivator Training.
  • All recorded sessions.


  • All participants will complete an onboarding survey, sign a confidentiality agreement to protect all fellow participants and agree to recording of all sessions.
  • Participants will use their DISC/Motivator profiles publicly during the sessions.

This program is structured with the sole purpose of supporting you in achieving your most important goals. You will learn practical strategies and be held accountable for the implementation of those strategies to ensure goal achievement. We will help you understand the full scope of the process, from initial goal setting, to course-correcting adjustment to final follow through. One to one communication with coaches experienced with holding business leaders accountable will propel you to do the same. Weekly, monthly and quarterly check-ins are scheduled to set expectations week to week – not just once at the end of the year.

If you fully commit to this system, you will successfully achieve your goals this year. Period.


Stop pushing your personal and professional growth to the back burner. Get fired up and take ACTION!

APPLY NOW for the Evolve Quarterly Coaching Program.


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One-Time Payment

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