Evolve to Win Podcast Episode 33: Want Better Results? Join Our Power Planning Podcast Series: More Results, More Predictably, and More Enjoyably.

What is your definition of success? Your answer is the vital first step in the path towards successful Power Planning. Join Mark Sanborn and Heather Christie on this four-part Power Planning Podcast Series to create more results, more predictably and more enjoyably.

In this first episode, we will show you how to plan for success and how to set goals. Not just any goals – SANE goals. You will discover how to craft goals that are not only achievable, but reproducible.

During this podcast, you will also learn what a SANE goal is and how it will be the catalyst towards changing your goals from a thought to a reality.

So, join Mark Sanborn and me for Episode 1 of our Power Planning Podcast Series now! Your success begins with clarity, and we would love to help you get that clarity! Let us know what you think!