Does Your Team Speak The Language Of Leadership?

Back in 2000, I was notified by my Department Head that we would be having a half-day team training and our attendance was mandatory. We were asked to take this “test” called a DISC Assessment and we would be reviewing our results.


First of all, I was confused by the fact that we were doing some kind of training. This had never happened in our law firm before. Ever. Had we done something wrong that we needed to bring in a specialist to fix us? If I got bad results on this DISC, were they going to hold it against me? Didn’t matter. It was mandatory and that was that. Fingers crossed…


The assessment was easy and actually kind of fun. It was asking me questions about what I was most like and what I was least like. Was I more bold, even-tempered, outgoing or receptive?  Was I more aggressive, fearful, playful or steady? I couldn’t wait to find out what the report would tell me. Did I pass?


I have to admit I was both excited and apprehensive about the training when the day came, but mostly excited. After all, I got to take 4 hours off of work! I think I would be understating it if I said that this training was completely and totally life-changing! Our trainer was engaging and intelligent. She made us all feel at ease immediately. It felt like she knew me so well – almost like we had been friends for years.


Most important, she taught us about ourselves. She taught me about my strengths and weaknesses. She told me how others perceived me. She helped me understand how to communicate so much more powerfully. She taught me how to influence others. She taught me about things that I already knew, but had never put together in a simple four part model before. The lights came on! I got it. In only one-half day, I was able to understand the four behavioral styles and how I could connect better.


The assessment also helped me understand why I butted heads with my boss. I was initially disappointed to learn that our styles were almost identical (because I didn’t like him very much at the time). What I recognized was that we were both dominant and that at times we would compete with each other. Ohhhh – so he wasn’t just being a jerk. He was just being assertive and direct.  Got it. I also realized that I was challenged by one of my partners who was so detail-oriented that he would catch the most minor typo and throw a document back at me and tell me I hadn’t reviewed it properly. I didn’t have that detail side – it was hard for me. He wasn’t being a jerk – he was just wired to see the details. Got it.


We only ever had that one training session at my firm. This was their big mistake. They got us excited to learn about communication and influence. We wanted more. They did a one and done.


Fast forward 16 years, I made the DISC a major part of our coaching practice back in 2005. When I work with my clients, I give them many different options to create a culture of better communication because I know how much it meant to me back then.

DISC is the primary tool that we use for building teams, reducing conflict and increasing influence.

In a short period of time, I can help you understand your biggest people frustrations and how to get past them. I can help you understand how to get a higher level of buy-in from others. I can help you to understand how to hold team members accountable (not everyone responds to the same style!) I can even help you understand why there are certain parts of your job that you really struggle with.

My passion comes from the benefit that I received so many years ago. I believe that DISC is the language of leadership. Does your team speak the language?

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