Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 80: Why Podcast?

Join us for our 80th episode of the Evolve to Win show: “Why Podcast?” On the show today, we will be discussing why we started the podcast and share some tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. If you want to have a laugh at some of our mistakes, you won’t want to miss this one. We …

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 78: Don’t Speak To Me That Way

This week’s episode is all about communication. More importantly, the ways you should and shouldn’t communicate with the various people in your life, whether it be your spouse, friend, colleague, boss, teenager, etc. If you’d like to have a greater level of influence in your relationships and create better rapport all around then this episode is definitely for you!

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 77: The Top 4 Reasons Why People Leave Jobs

In this episode, we’re talking about the top things that demotivate employees and ultimately cause them to leave their jobs. We explore areas like toxic managers, lack of empowerment, office politics, and need for recognition. If you’ve ever struggled to hang on to good workers or you find yourself wondering why you’re never happy in the workplace, this is a …

Evolve To Win Podcast 76: Who Is Your Mentor?

Do you have a mentor? Do you need one? In this brief episode, Heather talks about how it is important that you know that it is not up to anyone but you to develop you. So, while having a mentor to learn from is helpful, you need to develop your own self-awareness and drive to succeed.

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 75: 3 MUST HAVE Career Goals

Today we are talking about achievable goals that will work for almost anyone who is focused on their career and has the desire to achieve more. We’ll be focusing on personal branding via social media, learning new skills, and honing your strengths. 

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 74: Law of the Lid

Today we’re talking about The Leadership Lid, one of the core principles introduced to us by author John Maxwell in his book “21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership.” Understanding this crucial concept can be make or break for not only you as a leader, but your entire team!

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 73: Faking It Is Positively Exhausting

While we always talk about how important it is to keep a positive attitude on a daily basis, sometimes it’s easier said than done — something negative happens to us, or we find ourselves around negative people, and suddenly maintaining our happy demeanor can seem like a real chore. So in this episode, we’re discussing our “On The Court / …