Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 103: Why Change is SOOO Hard!

It doesn’t take a leader to talk someone into staying where they are. Leadership is one’s ability to make a positive change. But why is change so difficult? This episode will help you have a better understanding of why change is so hard for you and those you lead.

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 102: The fastest way to de-stress at work

Have you ever said or done something you regret because you were in a state of high emotion? Don’t worry, this is normal! High-stress environments actually can shut down your rational thinking. Today’s episode delves into a 3-step process to help you get a handle on negative emotions: understand your triggers, set your intentions in advance, and breathe.

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 99: Holiday Family 5 Questions

We are inviting you to try out a brand new holiday tradition. Let’s be proactive participants this year and engage people in a different conversation with these 5 questions: What are you most proud of?/What are your biggest wins from 2019? What are you most grateful for? What do you want most in 2020? Why do you want that? How …

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 97: Pouring into Others

Your employees do not lack motivation, they lack clarity. If you think about the step-by-step process of how to get to where you want to go, you’ll realize clarity creates motivation. In this episode, we talk through how to create clarity, spark motivation, and assess leadership to ensure optimal engagement in your workspace.

Evolve To Win Podcast Episode 95: Compete like Ford vs. Ferrari

We recently watched Ford vs. Ferrari and got into a discussion about how failure can fuel your successes. It brought us to today’s episode on how you can harness the power of competition in your goal achieving and use it to help you develop a burning desire, which is necessary to accomplish every goal.