123: Time, Money & Freedom with Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon is a two time best selling author and CEO of a celebrated coaching network. His inspiring story has made him an incredible coach and given him unbelievable success over the years. Join me this week as we chat about his latest book, “Time, Money, Freedom”.

122: Virtual Annual Meeting with Terry Powell

Terry Powell is a leadership coach, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He founded The Entrepreneur’s Source in 1984, a business coaching and advisory service. Join us this week as I talk to him about how he dealt with the pandemic, switching business practices from in-person to virtual, and more.

121: Who Do You Want To Be in 2021

Do you want to reduce your stress levels and figure out who you want to be as the new year approaches? Join me this week as I take you through an exercise that could completely change your mindset.

120: One of the best books I have read in a long time

Limitless by Jim Kwik gave me a new Limitless by Jim Kwik gave me a new perspective to looking at the power of your brain. This episode is not sponsored, I don’t have an affiliate link, and I haven’t even spoken to Jim. I just really love this book. Join me as I discuss one of the best books I’ve …

119: Are You Coaching or Problem Solving

More and more companies are asking their leaders to coach their company. And it’s show that most do want a coach! But are you coaching or problem solving? This episode breaks down the difference so you can be the best leader possible.

116: 134 Dots – Why We See Things SOOOO Differently

Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that someone could remember an event completely differently from you? After all, you were both there at that meeting. You have one version and someone else has an entirely different version. How about opinions? How can people be so diametrically opposed? Tune into the #evolvetowin show to hear about a concept that completely …