PODCAST: Episode 13 – Sarah Owen interview

Sarah Owen is the president and CEO of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, which is committed to engaging the community in conversations and action that creates sustainable positive change and provides the funding to make those changes a reality.


Since entering the non-profit sector, following a career in investor relations, public relations and corporate communications, Sarah’s leadership style had shifted. She considers her style to be one of “servant leadership.” In Sarah’s opinion, this means serving the bigger idea and the community, working better together to achieve greater purposes. Sarah’s motto is:


“Not me first.”


Yet when it comes to advice she would give to her 21-year-old self, taking care of yourself is one of her top suggestions. Personal preparation will help anyone at any organization be able to perform. Taking notes from a documentary on how LeBron James prepares for basketball games, Sarah says, “If you want to perform at a championship level, you don’t just show up for the game.”


Her other piece of advice? “Listen more.”


Listening also plays a key role in Sarah and her team’s ability to innovate. Sarah likes to think of innovation more as “collective ingenuity.” Sometimes innovation doesn’t come from new things but rather having different people look at something you are already doing in a different way.


“How can we make things even better?”


Challenge: What is one choice that you could make today that would make a difference for you, make you even better?
You can connect with Sarah on Twitter or on Facebook. Learn more about the Southwest Florida Community Foundation on their website: floridacommunity.com